Friday, December 20, 2013

GAI term 1 fianl project

 This is my final project in class, I remodel one of the 3D environment works from  the amazing artist, Alex Kam. For this environment scene, I had add more different texture than the original one,, like some kind of abandoned factory. I really enjoy what I did and learned so much from my mentor Ioannis Karathomas :)
 Using Maya, 3D coat, Headus and Photoshop

Eddy & Mimi Wedding Nov,2013

Finally, I have time to updated my blog. I created these two characters for Eddy and Mimi wedding, and they printed them out as 6 feet high. Also, whoever attended the wedding, they loved them :P
I used Zbrush and Maya to made them

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Expert Interviews ???

I was so happy that Animation carnival chose me, and show my artworks in their  vol-12 magazine in February. I was so proud of myself as a student, because I really work hard on my artworks and non stop to learn different softwares, and skills to create more works in the future. This is embarrassing when they called this "Expert interviews", but I really appreciated this opportunity and Thanks for  Manjeet Kumar. There will be more artworks coming soon.


Modeling helping Classmates

 My last quarter in CSULA, I was helping my classmates to modeled the characters for their capstones. Concept by Elissa, Eric, Jasmin, and Susan.

Internship Characters

Finally, I have some time to update my blog, They are my characters during the Internship in 9k9 studio, and they are ready to put in the new game called BlackSad ( maybe in the future). I am happy I had done my first production work. However, they are not very unique characters but  my boss was happy what I  had done for those characters and I finished what he was asking for.

 Zbrush, Maya and render in Vray

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

current demo reel

I started the new demo reel on 4/3rd until 4/16th for Disney internship position  .... I hope the people, who is watching it will like it. I tried to turn Beauty and the Beast into 3D. If my computer didnt crash and render slow... I would make more models, but well, please pray for me :P and Thanks for who were helping me. Now time to pack stuff to move back San Francisco