Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Digital modeling of Bernini's David

I was inspired by Bernini's art work, Specially the statue "David, and I want to model him with human realistic skin texture

I using maya and Zbrush created the base mesh, and sculpted them all in Zbrush. Render in Zrbush and the final composition using Photoshop.
Thank you Rey Bustos was helping me with his back Muscles


  1. Hi man! great work, love it!
    Is it possible to have the 3d model??? that's for a university project of Politecnico di Milano..
    Thanks in advance for all!!!

  2. Hello,
    I'm doing an art history paper on Bernini's David's slinging technique, would it be possible for me to have your 3d models for reference?

  3. Hey, my name is Mat, I'm trying to do a model with clay, but it's very difficult to do it with just some printed pictures, is it possible to have a view from the top? My mail adress is mathieu.guerard1@gmail.com. Thank you