Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Just want to make something with incredible facial expression, so I made this vampire.
I learned so much about the neck's muscles when the mouth open.
Using Zbrush, maya, render in Zbrush and the final image done by photoshop.

Merry Xmas

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ezreal ( Game Character modeling)

 This is a online game character from league of legends, Ezreal,  and I modeled that because i was doing Riot's art test. After i finished this character, I learned so much from it, like doing the low poly modeling, and hand paint the texture Map. The Quads is 3408 and Tris is 6806.
Hope you guys like it :P

Digital modeling of Bernini's David

I was inspired by Bernini's art work, Specially the statue "David, and I want to model him with human realistic skin texture

I using maya and Zbrush created the base mesh, and sculpted them all in Zbrush. Render in Zrbush and the final composition using Photoshop.
Thank you Rey Bustos was helping me with his back Muscles